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Backed by our industrial experience and cutting edge technology, our company offers Tubular Batteries to our valuable clients. These are made using high grade raw material procured from trusted dealers. Tubular batteries are appreciated for low water consumption, long service life, reliability and easy maintenance. Our range also includes Pride Premium Tubular Batteries and Pride INVA KING.

Inva King Tubular Battries
Inva King Tubular Battries

Our company offers an array of Inva King Tubular Batteries to our valuable clients. Some of the advantages of these batteries are strong durable polypropylene containers with heat terminals and special alloy plates cause low water loss from battery. These batteries are extremely reliable for deep extremely reliable for deep cycle usage with higher ampere-hour.

                                          Premium Tubular Batteries
Premium Tubular Batteries

We offer an extensive variety of Premium Tubular Batteries. These batteries have ultra thick positive and negative plates along with tough polyethylene based envelope separators form the core of this extremely rugged, reliable battery and heavy grid design with special alloys. Premium tubular batteries are used in the applications like domestic inverters, off grid solar photo voltaic system, home lighting systems, alarm systems, signaling equipment and remote telecom units Battery Operated cars / Scooters.

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