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Plate Drying Oven

plate-drying-ovenBattery Plate Drying Oven

Ovens are double walled convection heated units. Outer body of our hot air oven are constructed out of thick CR sheet duly pre-treated with primers and rust proofing and painted with long lasting stove enamel or elegantly powder coated. The iner chamber is made of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet o SS-304 grad. The gap between the walls is filled high grade mineral glass wool, which ensures maximum thermal efficiency in our ovens.


Indirect heating system is provided in out units, comprising of air heaters made of high grade kanthal A1-wires of suitable wattage. The warm air is evenly distributed throughout the chamber through efficient motor fans ensuring a very good temperature sensitivity.

Temperature Range:

Temperature range of our standard battery plate drying oven models are 5C above ambient temperature to 350C however we have the capacity to modify the same to suit the individual specialized requirements of our customers.

Temperature Sensitivity:

Temperature inside our hot air ovens are controlled with a sensitivity of  +- 1C or better.

Front Panel:

Front Panel of our units comprises of on/off switches heating and mains indicator lamps, temperature controllers/Thermostat

Feature : 

Versatile Usage

Ergonomic Design

Energy Efficient

Long Life

Low Maintenance

Calibration And Protocol Documentation

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