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Positive Plate Tubular Powder Filling Machine

Tubular-positive-plate-filling-machinePositive Plate Tubular Powder Filling Machine

The dust collector ensures that lead oxide dust is collected which otherwise would have been lost to atmosphere generating huge pollution. Thus only clean air is discharged to atmosphere.

The motorized blender on the top ensures that the consistent mix of Red Lead / Lead Oxide can be fed on demand to the hopper of the filling cassette. The feed mechanism control is easily accessible to the operator.

The control panel houses the vibrator start button, adjustable timers, blended power feed control switch, blender ON / OFF switch, dust collector ON / OFF mains switch etc.

The positive tubular plate filling mechanism comprises of an electromagnetic vibrator modified to prevent lead dust spillage. The plate filling cassette with aluminum spacers is designed such that the plates are filled effortlessly with minimum duration of vibrator usage.

A hood around the vibrator contains the flying dust so that the dust collector can effectively pull it away from the operator. The dust collector with cartridge filter mechanism is so effective that all the flying dust pulled away from the operator to such an extent that the door of vibrator hood has to necessarily have an opening for air inlet.

The fine 5 to 15 micron airborne lead oxide dust flying within the hood around the vibrator is sucked in to the dust collector by air currents developed by 0.5 to 0.7 m/s air rushing in to the hood through the front door. The dust laden air then passes through the filter cartridges where dust particles are collected on the filter element surface and 99.99% clean air is exhausted out to atmosphere.

Due to dust collected on filter surface, the differential pressure across element starts to increase and during operation it remains steady between 100 to 150 mm WC indicating healthy operations of the unit.

This is achieved by means of a reverse pulse jet mechanism controlled by a solenoid operated pulse valve and electronic timer. The frequency of cleaning is controlled automatically to maintain the optimum differential pressure across the filter elements resulting in 99.99% dust collection efficiency.


Automatic powder blending system

Mixed powder inside the drill fill system can be transported into automatic filling jig.

Dust inside the dry filling system can be directly collected

system can smoothly and safely

System can be maintained easily

System uses closed circulation low dust pollution

Noise Free

Filling weight will be uniform

System can be supply with electromagnetic vibrator or vibromotor












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